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You might know, the Office software comes with a bunch of features and applications under the full package. So undoubtedly there is a huge user base. Due to this massive course of use, this software throws tantrums sometimes. If it’s between your working hours, finding yourself in the lurch is quite evident. Not only the errors or disputes, but also Office is really a tricky software when it comes to setting up for the first time. That’s why our whole team, along with the dedicated Office setup support branch is here to guide you for the installation through and run it without any hassle.


Office Setup

Sometimes, it is not that easy to download and activate your Office product. In this article, we are providing the Microsoft Office setup guide. Go through this article, follow these simple steps to get done your job, and at the end of the article, you will successfully reach your favorite office product. If you can not do that on your contact our Office support team.

Most essential things while installing Office setup

Before we start the installation guide, you need to know some crucial things of the Office package, it will help you with the installation process and If you can remember these simple steps, in the future, when you reinstall your Office package you do not need additional help to install your office product. let’s get started

Product key

If you have purchased an Office product, then it will come with the unique 25 alphanumeric characters. The unique product key will help you to activate your Microsoft office package. 

Why is it called unique? There is a reason behind it. If your product key was used before, you would not be able to get access to your Office package. So, it needs to be a unique one.  

However, you may face some errors with the product key, if you don’t follow the proper installation guide. If you do not follow the installation steps and installed office products, You can not use the Office products flawlessly, and it continuously generates an error message and tells you to activate the product first.

Microsoft account

It is mandatory to create an official Microsoft account. This account will help you to activate your Office product. Also, it remembers your licenses key. Somehow you lost your product key or maybe need to reset your System, with the help of this account you can restore your license, just need to remember your log-in details. But what if you forgot your password! So there will be another option called ‘Forgot password,’ with the help of this feature, you can get back your Microsoft account.

Proceed with the Microsoft Office Setup

As you know before, you need to register yourself as a user of Microsoft products, to do that you have to create a Microsoft user account. Below we mentioned some steps to create a Microsoft account. Follow these simple steps to create a Microsoft account.

  • At first, go to, and click on the Sign-up button.
  • On your computer screen, a sign-up form will appear, fill the details with the correct information, and agree on the Microsoft privacy statement and Microsoft Service Agreement to Create an account.
  • Finally, you successfully created your Microsoft account.

Note- As we talk about before you can access your purchased office products and Office data through this user account, Do not forget to choose an extra-strong password.

Office Setup
Office Setup

Download the Office setup using

Follow these simple steps to Download Microsoft Office Setup on Mac And Windows 

  • It is mandatory to have the official account.
  • Firstly, open a new tab on your browser 
  • Go to your office setup download and visit 
  • Now, click the log-in button,( Use your Microsoft account that you created earlier or if you have another account you can also use that)
  • After the successful log-in, go to the product list and chose your Office version and select Office set up
  • For better experience chose your preferred language
  • If you have purchased your office product online, you will receive your product key on your registered email 
  • Look at your product card, if you have purchased it online.
  • Now, type your 25 alphanumeric product key
  • Finally, you can download the Office setup file.
  • Now install your office Setup file on your System
  • After completing the download process, you need to fix your setup file your System

Follow these simple steps and get your installation done

  • Go to your browser default download location (For chrome users, you can use this path C:\Users\user name \Downloads) and click on the Downloaded Office.exe file
  • Then, a permission box will pop on your screen. You have to allow to continue the installation process
  • Read the terms and conditions and click on the Agree button
  • Now, click on the next and choose your installation drive 
  • After that follow On-screen instruction to completing the setup
  • In the end, if you have successfully completed the installation process,

Let's get active your Office now

After completing the installation process, you have to enter the Product Key. If you do not have the unique 25 digit alphanumeric product key, you can purchase one, or you can continue with the 30 days trial period.

Follow the steps to get the job done.

  • Open the installed office product or once again visit the 
  • Now, click on the Activate button
  • Note- Make sure that you have an active internet connection 
  • Then click on the” I want to activate over the internet Button.’
  • Select your language 
  • Enter your 25 digit product key.
  • Finally, you can click on the” Activate now’ button.

What are you waiting for? Are you stuck at the log-in page? Then do not wait any longer and have a word with our team of experts now! Do not hesitate to get in touch with us even if the product key page stops working or crashes down. It may indicate a serious issue with your software or device.

Not using the product key implies that your data might be at risk of being hacked or misused. You don’t want that, do you? Finding it difficult to enter the product key and activating the Office product? Then get in touch with us now. Our Office support works day and night to deliver you the best services whenever you ask for it. We will leave no stone unturned to provide you with the best solutions, no matter what.


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Other companies may not work as hard as we do to take care of your queries. Now it is up to you whether you want a random inexperienced team takes care of your Office products or an experienced team to handle your issues. Our phone lines are always open for you. Dial our number and have a conversation with us.

Benefits Of Trusting Our Office Support

We have served over 7,89,678 clients from all over the world. We want you to join our big family and let us serve you in the best way possible. You must be thinking about your takeaway if you go for our Office Support to activate your Office product. First things first, we will make sure you get the right solution at the right time without any delay. Some extra benefits of seeking help from us are:

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Multiple mediums of communication

We understand that many of you may not be comfortable in calling us at the first instant. Therefore, we have brought forth our chat and email facilities. You don’t even have to share your email ID to chat with us. Our chat support executives will be right there, waiting to respond to your queries instantly. We will revert back to your email within a few minutes.

Are you still hesitating to get Office Support from us? Kindly give us a call and tell us what’s wrong. Clear communication is the only way we can bridge this gap between us. So let our experts lend their helping hand to you so that you can make the best use of Office products. Fair enough?